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View Thread: Vista = ME II?
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    BadAsh71 wrote:
    Jason Cox wrote: 
    When XP was released everyone 'hated' it and gave it bad reviews until they actually stopped beleiving the FUD, you expected anything different during the Vista release?

    I'm not so sure about that one Jason.  When XP came out everyone I know embrased it with open arms.  Finally, we had an OS that was built off of a solid kernel we all knew and loved (NT/2000) and not based on DOS like 95, 98 and ME.

    Have you forgotten the "Woe is me, XP won't play my old DOS games" cry that came from everyone when they shifted from the Win 95 kernel to the NT kernel??

    Just a little bit of history repeating... Biggest problem with Vista has is the lack of killer apps, things that really leverage all the new stuff they've put in (there's quite a lot of new stuff if you bothered to look). So yes it's a matter of time before Vista is popular, but Microsoft's finally done their part, it's up to us developers now to develop new software, new drivers etc. to make Vista show it's true colours.