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    thumbtacks2 wrote:
    Marketing buzzwords aside, what, exactly, is Apollo (or Flex for that matter) supposed to do? And how is it different from anything else that is already out there?

    Adobe Marketing wrote:

    Adobe® Flex™ 2 software is a rich Internet application framework based on Adobe Flash® that will enable you to productively create beautiful, scalable applications that can reach virtually anyone on any platform. It includes a powerful, Eclipse™ based development tool, an extensive visual component library, and high-performance data services enabling you to meet your applications' most demanding needs.

    What is Flex?

    The Flex application framework consists of MXML, ActionScript 3.0, and the Flex class library. Developers use MXML to declaratively define the application user interface elements and use ActionScript for client logic and procedural control. Developers write MXML and ActionScript source code using the Adobe Flex Builder™ IDE or a standard text editor.

    The interon is your friend.

    Here's my understanding of it. Feel free to correct me when I'm wrong.

    If Flash == the .NET CLR, Flex == some of the namespaces (except for Flex Data services. That == System.Data)

    Apollo == WPF/WPF/E errrr Silverlight. It either subsumes Flex or is built on top of it.