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    Bas wrote:
    anand.t wrote:

    It definitely stole the thunder from MIX.
    Guess what the hottest topic at MIX?
    “Is Microsoft going to open source Silverlight too?”

    That's just pathetic. How is that ever going to be the hottest topic at MIX?

    Because in Scobles world, multi-billion dollar companies decide what to do in response to competitors overnight, in "internet time".

    "My god, Adobe has open sourced Flex. We must do something. We must open source something!"

    "How about if we open source the Windows kernel?"

    "Great, we'll announce that tomorrow. No, TONIGHT! Someone call Robert Scoble. We need his camera now more than ever!"

    Adobe open sourcing some class libraries isn't anything that Microsoft is going to lose sleep over.