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    glebd wrote:
    I'm by no means an expert in VB (nor do I want to be), but from what I've seen, VB is a hack.

    I'm sorry that you have such a problem with VB. It really is a first class language and is quickly becoming a standard for coding the backend of a lot of Microsoft server products such as Reporting Services. I agree that learning a variety of languages is a great idea and will help you form better coding practices simply from the process of learning what these languages have in common. But suggesting that a language like VB is not stable enough to handle large systems processing is absurde. If anything the managed platform is going to give you the ability to keep a handle on the more important business logic and workflow.

    This is an old debate that goes back to the argument that assembly is much better over C++ because it gives you far more control over the system. What bearing does that have in the real world of business? Try to convince your boss using that argument next time and you'll get laughed out of the room. It all comes down to the right platform for the job and for many system integration projects today, .NET is the choice.