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    emet wrote:
    Ray6 wrote:
    anand.t wrote: 

    To the victors above. Since you have won, why dont you now SHUT your mouth and get lost of here instead of giving advices???

    Because they know that they've won nothing at all ...

    They're actually a pretty good barometer for the failing fortunes of Linux on the desktop. If it was doing well, why are they so desperate?

    More than ten years of trying, and still haven't scored 1% yet?

    Yup, I'd be desperate too ...

    Too bad Linux's marketshare already double that of Vista.

    Yes, as I said, desperate.

    You really should have read the link before you posted, my eager friend.

    From the W3C browser stats page

    January 2007 Linux has 3.6%
    Feburary 2007 Linux has 3.5%
    March 2007 Linux 3.4%

    Yes, I'm afraid that Linux share is actually on the way down according to the figures you've given us here.

    But if we visit a site with another site, we see that things are even worse, with Vista having already smacked Linux around the schoolyard several times over. According to these figures, Vista has already overtaken the number of new Intel Macs in use.


    As I said before.

    Ouch ...

    Y'know I've just had a thought. You're really a Vista fan aren't you? The poor arguments you present here are really a very clever way of undermining the Linux platform. I mean, why else would you post figures proving that Linux on the desktop is fading away?

    You clever covert Windows lover, you ....  Smiley