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    Bas wrote:

    emet wrote:

    Too bad Linux's marketshare already double that of Vista.


    Things move fast in the world of operating system market shares. Yikes, Vista already having a 3.7 times larger market share than Linux? How did that happen in just 15 minutes?

    Actually, given the bad press that Vista has, I didn't think it would overtake Linux until the late Summer.

    Just goes to show you, there are too many Linux folk bleating like sheep, and not enough Linux people working on making the platform a viable desktop alternative to Windows and the Mac.

    The problem is something that I keep going on about. There are not really that many Linux supporters; just a whole load of whining Microsoft haters, and that does not make a viable desktop platform.

    'Yeah but what about the server?' They scream while foaming at the mouth.

    Well the server was easy. All they had to do was replace expensive Unix operating systems, with the same boxes that cost nothing.

    Gosh how tricky was that ... Expressionless

    If Microsoft had been at the top of the server market when Linux was introduced, then they would have less than 1% of the server market too.

    Every one of those people who begged Dell (and there weren't really that many) had better actually buy a machine, otherwise Dell will simply pull away from the experiment (they're not deep into it anyway; the hard work is being done by a third party) and claim that Linux is not viable on the desktop.
    That would mean that the screaming fanatics would have set Desktop Linux back another five or six years.