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    emet, beer and the rest of the Linux supporters here on Channel 9.  2007, the year of the Linux desktop was proclaimed and came to be a reality and it has finally arrived.  All the Windows supporters in the world cannot change the reality that we are victorious.  We spoke, they heard and we were not denied.  Do not let the insults of the Windows zealots taint your heart.  My only advice before I leave this forum is brush up on your skills with Linux.  Make more than your Windows counterparts and never stop believing in freedom.  I promised myself when I joined Channel 9 aka the marketing machine that I would be the first to post that the Linux desktop had arrived when it did indeed arrive.  Well the future has happened.  The Linux desktop has arrived and I was the first to post on it.  My job is done and I am now taking my leave of Channel 9 and marching towards the future.  Goodbye my friends.  And always remember, for best results use Linux.