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    emet wrote:
    Bas wrote:
    emet wrote: 
    So what is it then? 0.8% or 3.4%? Honestally I don't know. Nor do I care.

    Twenty minutes ago, you cared enough to look up market shares and post gleefully about them. Now that you realise that the w3schools market share statistics aren't the end-all answer, suddenly you don't care about market share anymore?


    No actually, that was in response to Ray's gleeful remarks of how Linux can't break 1% marketshare. I simply stated that Linux's marketshare is twice that of Vista, and provided a link. The shock must be getting to you guys, because you are grasping straws.

    Grasping at straws?

    In your desperation, you're the one who provided a link that shows Linux desktop share is falling at an alarming rate.

    No-one could really grasp at a straw and miss so badly.

    C'mon Emet. We're all friends here. Admit it. You're really here to undermine Linux aren't you?