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    emet wrote:
    Bas wrote:
    emet wrote: 
    Bas wrote: 
    emet wrote: 
    So what is it then? 0.8% or 3.4%? Honestally I don't know. Nor do I care.

    Twenty minutes ago, you cared enough to look up market shares and post gleefully about them. Now that you realise that the w3schools market share statistics aren't the end-all answer, suddenly you don't care about market share anymore?


    No actually, that was in response to Ray's gleeful remarks of how Linux can't break 1% marketshare. I simply stated that Linux's marketshare is twice that of Vista, and provided a link. The shock must be getting to you guys, because you are grasping straws.

    No, actually, that was in response to me, seeing how you quoted my post and went into what I said. I realise that you're trying to mask how you're being proven wrong, but it's not helping.

    Also, after showing how Vista's market share is 3.7 times larger than that of Vista, you start contradicting yourself twice within a couple of minutes. I think it's pretty clear who is so shocked over all this.

    I'm not contradicting myself. The report I quoted contradicts your report. Instead of debating it further which is plainly stupid and a waste of time, I dropped the subject. That doesn't somehow make you "right" and I am "wrong".

    I think you're right.

    Linux market share is falling ...