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    Lazycoder2 wrote:
    blowdart wrote: Which will run on the mac; this begs the obvious question, why isn't the whole thing being ported? (setting aside perhaps)

    I'll put aside my fanboy rantings of "why would I want to contaminate my Mac with the .NET Framework" because I would LOVE to be able to design Cocoa applications using Interface Builder and write all of my controllers using proper C#, not that Mono stuff.

    But there are some technical limitations to porting the entire framework to OS X. Not the least of which is that a lot of the .NET Framework is a wrapper for Win32, which doesn't exist on any Mac platform (either PowerPC or Intel). As far as I know, the specific database clients use OLEDB to connect to the databases, OS X only has ODBC.

    A huge portion of the BCL is standardized on NOT a Windows only concept.  Of what's left, there's a lot that's still highly portable, including the ADO.NET stuff you think is somehow tied to OLEDB (it's not... there's native drivers for nearly every DB on the market, including OS ones).

    There's really only a few small stacks and one very big stack that are tied to Windows (WinForms being the large stack).  We don't need, or even want, those to be ported, IMHO.  WPF should be an easy port, and should replace WinForms.

    MS could, and should, port a very viable desktop solution.  Give us the ability to not only do Silverlight, but click once deployed desktop applications.  As I've said on here before, that's the direction we're moving in, and MS can play nice here and thus become a dominant leader, or they can choose to live off the fat of the past for several more years but lose any potential for growth.  I'm hoping the choose to do things right here, because their development tools really are superior.