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"Download" video

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    So below each video is "full screen" and "download" unfortuntatly for me they both seem to do exactly the same thing, launch Media Player 10 and have no visible way to actually save the file so that I can put it on my mobile media device.

    I really hope I am just doing something wrong, watching channel 9 videos is the primary reason I got a video mobile device instead of an audio only.

    Am I missing something?

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    Right click, Save target as

    If you look closely the watch is mms://, download is http://

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    That worked and the media center did the sync and conversion.

    When download icon is hit I noticed that a webpage is loaded which goes the the microsoft site to "download" it. Trouble is going to that site directly and hitting download also "plays" the video.

    Point being I think the devs for this site had good intentions by taking the link to a microsoft like that says "download" but the microsoft site is not actually downloading its playing.

    Anyway, now I know how.


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