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View Thread: Office 2007 Ribbon and decreasing developer productivity. What a palaver!
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    vesuvius wrote:
    Go here to view a "wicked" office ribbon bar developed by Juan Pablo G.C.. With the advent of "Orcas" and developer productivity increasing things like Linq, why then take a u-turn and decrease developer produtivity by not having the ribbon bar in Visual Studio and relying on add-ons, 3rd party suppliers and the time it takes to learn the implementation of the utility?

    I have invested a great amount of time, effort and expense into MS products, why should I not have access to the ribbon to use in my apps?
    Do the head honchos think it great value to lump their developer community with their 2nd choice UI, whilst promoting their latest technologies?

    Honestly you pay (through the teeth here in the UK) for the OS and Office, that they use to develop this ribbon, then you get flim-flam! Do I sound ungrateful here?

    The problem with that control is that it doesn't go far enough.  I've read the office 2007 UI license and used the UI myself and basically it isn't enough to implement part of it, you have to implement pretty much all of it, including the application menu and right down to the key tips.