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View Thread: Microsoft takes on the FREE World
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    What FREE world?  Red Hat's services are not free and Red Hat's stock holders are as greedy as the next guy or girl.  Why does Red Hat deserve a free ride?  What about all you other contributors to this forum.  Do you have to work for a living?  Do you expect to get paid for writing code?  How could you be so evil?  Poor Red Hat needs your code for free.  How else are they going to get rich.

    As far as infringing patents goes, it is no big deal.  Microsoft infringes on many software patents.  So does every major software vendor.  But those who can't balance their infringements with some patents of their own have to pay some royalties.  Sure its hard for free loaders like Red Hat to accept that they do have to pay a little some times.  But I expect that they will survive.