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Soul food, Bait & Tackle

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    This is an interesting listing for local restaurants, under the filter "Southern & Soul food":

    J & S Bait & Tackle

    Restaurant, Southern & Soul

    1301 W Roosevelt Rd
    Little Rock, AR 72206

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    Perhaps they sell crawfish for a do-it-yourself crawfish boil.... I know smallmouth bass love crawfish.

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    Google Maps shows it as being pretty tiny.... who knows...

    But, again, Hooters doesn't served spicy owl wings, so maybe someone just got clever.

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    What would this food establishment's slogan be?

    "If it don't taste right, fish with it"

    "Something will bite it..."

    "We dug it up, you do something with it"

    Bait & Tackle may be a good name for an online dating service...

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