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Wow, re: System.Drawing.Imaging etc

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    Anyone had the pleasure of working on a solution developed around 'codec like' support in .net?

    If so, chances are you've come in to contact with EncoderParameter and EncoderParameters, possibly the worst classes I've seen in .NET...

    Pascal case parameters in EncoderParameter (ok not really too bad), misspelt parameter names.. such as 'demoninator1'.

    Using reflector, theres a lot of methods set as internal for no reason, and make some classes pretty pointless.

    Overall I feel theres a serve lack of good oop in this area of .NET Expressionless

    Could be just me, feel free to prove me wrong- but I really feel I'm recreating the wheel due to the lack of good interaction within the base components.

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    John Galt

    It's not just you. This class is definately a disaster.  The good news is that there are a ton of wrapper classes that wrap it and fix it that might be of help for you...

    This is the problem in a lot of areas with the .NET framework. They didn't have enough time to obviscate the Win32 underpinings well.  WinFX does a better job, but it still isn't great and it's still very obvious that all of the stuff is win32 code underneath. (hence why it's so slow at times)

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