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Money 2007 and Pocket PC

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    Some of you may already know where I'm going with this.

    I've used Microsoft money because it came in a bundle. It worked for me, no hassles, all was fine. I did want to be able to sync with my Pocket PC, but my version was pretty old. (2000)

    Last year (2006) I noted that you could get versions of money for the Pocket PC, but they would only sync with THAT YEAR's desktop version.

    I finally upgraded, with 2007. It updated my money file no problem and all continued to be well. I then went online searching for the Pocket PC version.

    THERE IS NONE!!! Expressionless Mad

    Can I get an explaination for this?

    Is there a 3rd party version that will allow me to enter transactions on my Pocket PC while I'm not at my desk, and sync them up when I am?

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    I haven't tried it but it is supposed to work.

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