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Can a community create it's own legal content?

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    Let's try by writing an original song: ill start
    ( its about computers and ms - should be easy for everyone to add verses) - after thread is over - ill try to compile it all into new song

    rockabily johnny cash style to start... (for now)

    "Blues was IBM son
    Blues was IBM
    RocknRoll was Zerox
    Skiffle was the mac son
    Skiffle was the mac

    Pop well it was Windows
    Pop it was C Win
    Linux was the Punk man
    Linux was the punk
    OSX New wave son
    OSX new wave
    Ubuntu is so cute man floating cubes and quick to boot oh oh oh

    oh Lotus one 2 3 was.. the spread-sheet to beat cause
    Excel was nowhere.. excel was nowhere
    but then, -
     it came out -
    it worked hard and it had clout
    it worked every where man
    windows mac its there ya

    wordperfect was so old school
    version 6 was hot stool
    doing all it can man
    till ms said the Word man
    coincide with 95 - wordperfect is gone man

    der der der der

    Netscape is the new king
    its the browser thats the thing
    turn windows into drivers
    cant keep up with what we bring
    hey whats this on our lawn
    ie4 is out we're gone gone gone

    continue - or  fix...


    (thats why) c9 talk
    (thats why) c9 rocks
    (thats why) its ok
    dont want it no other way
    ignore ignore
    have your say
    theyre watching you or so they say..

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    hello im a mac /and im a pc
    you look telefunken? that weird speaker comany -
    is your design based on form not on function?

    not fair pc - as you see im quite svelt
    my hair neat my coat pressed my jeans have a belt!
    surely tis you that are needing makeover
    or does that come in your upgrade half way through october?

    hardy har har you thin little mac
    your market share's small yet you still must attack
    oh well if it makes you feel important to fight
    then go right ahead i can take it allright 

    you come shipped with spyware and links that are paid for
     by  large corporate clients preloaded blindfolded
    See i get to say what comes installed on me
    like ilife and office 2003 (trial)

    youre in denial - you white plastic toy - why i aughta melt your brushed metal aloy - computers are rugged and hard to install - how dare you insulate users from it all

    ........................  its not a crime to rhyme!  Wink


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    If you want collaboration on your songs, put them on the Wiki so people can meddle with them.

    Still, they sound pretty good.

    In answer, I think yes. A community can create its own legal content - but as for who owns the content should a dispute arise... I have no idea.

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