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    k2t0f12d wrote:
    DoomBringer wrote:
    No offense chief, but when you start spouting religious intolerance, well, I call that a troll.

    Thanks.  I think you are wrong.  I never said anyone shouldn't practice a religion.

    No, you said that the only religions that convert by the sword (killed those who refused to convert) was Islam and Atheism.  Not only is that wrong, it is flamebait.

    You know, that whole Spanish Inquisition thing.  Killing all those dirty "conversos."  Oh, and the Protestant/Catholic Schism.  That only spawned a century of conflict in Europe (oh, those crazy Europeans!).  Hitler used Jesus rhetoric, after all, but he doesn't count, and what, the church passively sitting back and almost, just almost, tacitly approving, well, that is nothing too.

    Pre-empting the Stalin remarks: Yes, he was an atheist.  He also was a paranoid psychotic totalitarian dictator.  Stalin didn't order mass killings because they weren't atheist, he killed them on the slightest suspicion of betrayal.