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    k2t0f12d wrote:
    DoomBringer wrote:
    Well, to think that the Inquisitions (all of them) were not religious is self delusional, but whatever keeps you happy skippy.  I'm going to start arbitrarily choosing facts so I never have to admit I'm wrong from now on as well.

    No you don't.  You brought this up because your magic book says that my having an opinion that differs from yours makes me into a troll.  If you wanted to argue over what I said then was the time to do it not now.  I didn't reach back into Niner histories to pick a useless fight with you.  You are exactly the sort I was talking about that can't disagree with someone else without putting on a sh1teating condescension.

    He has a magic book!?! Awesome, dude can I borrow it sometime?