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View Thread: The feature C9 NEEDS - The troll killer
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    C9 needs a button to make trolls go away.  Just think of it.  Emet lets out another load of crap and you push the Bad Troll Button and now for me Emet never shows up in another forum.  If he posts on a topic, when I view the topic, his listings (and other trolls like k2tof12d) are shown as gray blank place holders.  I can view the blank post but only if I choose to by clicking a link on the blank place holder.

    I personally have enjoyed the forums except a few who I don't want to listen to anymore.

    Come ON JEFF give us the button.  Let us nuke these idiots out of our lives!  It would improve my 65% rating of C9 forums to 95%.

    How many posts are disrupted by a few trolls.