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View Thread: The feature C9 NEEDS - The troll killer
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    Come on what we REALLY need is a "slap the fool" button which can be used whenever someone's being foolish.

    If enough people press the button Rory is dispatched with a copy of the post in question to hunt them down and give them a jolly good slap. Once they've been slapped blue tack the post to their forehead facing them so they can see why they've been slapped.

    Come on Jeff! You've got the resources, right?

    Other magic features I would like:

    "Translate this garbage into english" button for those people who are incapable of writing a coherent sentence.

    "Ignore this users opinions about Macs" (or Linux) button so interesting people can be selectively ignored if they're talking about Macs or Linux.

    "Request an interview button" If someone posts something interesting, we get an automatic system to get an interview with them; you've got the resources to fly Charles, Rory or whoever around the world interviewing random people from the internet surely? (And plenty of free time on their schedules)

    Slightly less magical features:

    "Post your questions for MS Devs" give us heads up on what interviews are coming up, and let niners post in video questions for them.

    (Hey, I actually like that last one. You could even do that using messenger with pre-approved questions... oh, that would be awesome.)