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View Thread: Windows Is better than Ubuntu.
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    Shining Arcanine

    SecretSoftware wrote:
    So I spent 3 hours trying the newly released Ubuntu 7.04, and I cant say I like it.

    It just sucks and it is buggy.

    short and simple.

    I think Ubuntu needs another 100 years to become as good as Windows in the desktop.

    Honest Opinion.

    I want my 3 hours back.

    The mouse, along with other features, does not work out of the box. Many Linux distributions are encountering the same problem with the mouse, apparently, because the kernal developers introduced a bug and released a new kernal without doing proper testing. Despite having many bugs, Microsoft would never release an OS with such a blatant bug (although the iTunes store bug that Vista caused comes close). It will take a while before Linux matches Windows XP.