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View Thread: Windows Is better than Ubuntu.
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    SecretSoftware wrote:
    So I spent 3 hours trying the newly released Ubuntu 7.04, and I cant say I like it.

    It just sucks and it is buggy.

    short and simple.

    Thats what you get for trying a distros thats buggy and sucks. Ubuntu's packages come straight from Debian unstable and it shows.

    On Fedora, I dont have any problems except, ofcourse, switching users (universal problem with all distros). X11 just loves to crash whenever I try to switch users with the AMD proprietary drivers. ACPI functions, such as hibernation only work half the time as well.

    But I'm sure Ubuntu is a whole lot alot better than Nexenta. I'm trying the new alpha and it's buggier than hell. The "gnome-desktop-environment" package is broken and has unmet dependencies. So that means I cannot install Gnome from a console. Thats unaccepatable because the whole distribution is centered around Gnome.

    However, the OpenSolaris tools and most other packages are fine. I'm gonna try the NetBSD port system instead of Nexenta's piece crap APT repository.