k2t0f12d wrote:

SecretSoftware wrote:
It just sucks and it is buggy.

odujosh wrote:
They had what 20 years now. There is a reason they are losing. Linux is good for server and coding hobbyist. Not for consumer desktops.

ZippyV wrote:
While I was upgrading my virtual pc Ubuntu to version 7 I read here that there was something wrong with mouse support. Did anyone had a solution for it?

DigitalDud wrote:
I ran into this problem too, it started with a specific Linux kernel 2.6.19 or something.  I don't know if its been fixed yet or not.

Xaero_Vincent wrote:
Thats what you get for trying a distros thats buggy and sucks. Ubuntu's packages come straight from Debian unstable and it shows.

Shining Arcanine wrote:
The mouse, along with other features, does not work out of the box. Many Linux distributions are encountering the same problem with the mouse, apparently, because the kernal developers introduced a bug and released a new kernal without doing proper testing. Despite having many bugs, Microsoft would never release an OS with such a blatant bug (although the iTunes store bug that Vista caused comes close). It will take a while before Linux matches Windows XP.

Works for me.

Does not work for me.