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Source control?

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    Most of you didn't notice this old post was brought back up by spam.

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    Erisan wrote:
    Rossj wrote:
    Bah, all the cool kids use VisualSVN integrated with VS.Net.

    Sorry but cool kids doesn't use SVN at all ...

    I'm sure everyone has seen this already but it's pretty interesting and worth to watch:

    GIT. Next time I need distributed development I'll take a look, but for the common case SVN is more than adequate.

    Don't mistake how Linus works with the rest of the world. He is a law until himself Wink

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    ScanIAm wrote:

    I use VSS and for small projects, I've found it to do everything that is needed. 

    You think those endless database corruptions and warning that you need to analyze the database are "needed"?!!! :O

    Used SourceSafe at Ford about 8 years ago and it was a nightmare - we lost the database twice and quickly moved to something else. Then 6 months ago I got a contract where they were using SourceSafe 2005. It seemed like every wretched morning you'd get in to find it warning you that the SourceSafe database needed analyzing and fixing.

    It's real fun when you rename files!

    It is by far the worst source control system out there. Are there any other than SourceSafe that DON'T support continuous integration?

    SourceSafe - just say no! 

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