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    ScanIAm wrote:

    Red5 wrote:
     jamie wrote:  Randolpho wrote: Wow. I think the NBC version of the Office is comedy gold, one of the best comedies out there. To hear folks talk, the BBC version will wash my car, too. because we all saw that first - so the new version couldnt surpass the originali love steve carell - but rickyG ..just made you feel even that much MORE uncomfortable.. especially the ephisode where he sang his old rock tunes with garethYeah, but he sounded pretty good, if that actually was him playing and singing.Gareth, grab my guitar....
    See, that was exactly what made me so uncomfortable....first off, I HATE people singing at/to/near me.  Second, the plot of his little ditty was vague enough that his toady mentioned that the girl was dead.I do recall laughing my (I need to watch my language) off when he responded