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Orcas Team Foundation Beta1

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    Has anyone installed this and used it who would care to comment on it?

    Does this version install on a domain controller?

    How does it compare to the existing release?

    Thanks in advance.

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    blowdart wrote:

    Not a problem with TFS but with the client. It just doesn't like being disconnected. If, for example, you're working on the train, forget adding new files, the TFS client when it can't talk to the server has massive problems doing that, and I've ended up having to copy new files out of the source tree, delete them whilst the client is active and talking to the server, then drag/drop them back in so I could finally add them

    Are you Serious?

    You can't use TFS and TS in an 'occasionally disconnected' mode easily?

    Good grief! Seriously?

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    Key to beta 1, Microsoft is working to improve Team Foundation Server (TFS) performance in VSTS, the client/server offering that marked Microsoft's entry in the crowded application lifecycle management space. The VSTS beta shows support for larger team sizes, continuous integration and unit and load testing enhancements. It also integrates the fourth role-based module Database Professional, which shipped in January. Another key enhancement of TFS not integrated with beta 1 (but available as a separate download) is Web access through browser-based clients. The functionality was provided by devBiz Business Solutions, a company that Microsoft acquired in March. (For more details, go to for an expanded version of this story).

    'Minor' Upgrade to Team System
    devBiz's TeamPlain, available now as a free download, will be rebuilt and shipped as a TFS Power Tool in the Microsoft Tech Ed timeframe (June), according to Sridharan, and integrated into Orcas, although it's not part of beta 1.

    Microsoft's Developer Division is self-hosted on Orcas TFS after migrating its servers in March, according to Somasegar. While there are notable improvements in VSTS, the major upgrade -- code-named "Rosario" after a resort on the Orcas island -- is expected to ship about a year after Orcas' RTM. Development on Rosario is going on in parallel to Orcas (see sidebar).

    Will this solve the 'occassionally disconnected smart-client' issue with TFS' source control?

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