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    Well that was interesting, although I can't help noticing that he didn't announce his retirement.

    Ballmer wrote:

    Our Server and Tools Business (STB), led by Bob Muglia, is moving from the Platform & Services Division (PSD) to the Microsoft Business Division (MBD). Also moving from PSD to MBD are Sanjay Parthasarathy and his Developer & Platform Evangelism (D&PE) team. The STB and D&PE teams will move intact, with Sanjay reporting into Bob and Bob reporting to Jeff Raikes. D&PE will continue to evangelize the entire roster of Microsoft offerings, as well as server and tools.

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    I haven't seen you here for a while now. It's great to see you back Smiley

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    Does that mean C9 has a new boss? I forget exactly what team they report to Smiley

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