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View Thread: What's your favourite Xbox 360 game ?
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    tewissler wrote:

    I would look at the either the elite or buying the bigger hard disk.

    I bought my xbox with the hard disk a while back and I am always down to under 2 or 3 gigs of hard disk space and that is with only a few demos and south park episodes downloaded.
    Well that and my 30+ live arcade games.

    *Some of the demos can be over a gig (such as the demo for Crackdown).

    I am cutting it so close, I will probably have to look at buying the larger hard disk soon.

    Using 2 or 3 gigs of space on a 20GB hard disk is 'cutting it close'?

    Edit: I guess I misunderstood. You mean 2 or 3 gigs of free space left, right?

    I'm actually doubting wether or not I should wait for the Elite or go with a Premium set right now. From what I hear, that HDMI cable is providing some pretty good 1080p images compared to the component/VGA cable. Also, paying for a 20GB harddisk now and possibly getting a separate larger disk for $200 more doesn't sound very appealing.

    Then again, there's still no word on when it's coming out in Europe. I mean, I'm okay with the fact that it takes a few more months before a product comes to Europe, but at least provide an estimated release date already, people.