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View Thread: What's your favourite Xbox 360 game ?
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    I'm hoping to either get Xbox 360 Elite and then use Media Center Extender on my pc and then do away with everything > just have PC, Xbox and TV - meaning everything is much easier. From what I understand, I can stream TV from my pc onto my Xbox 360, right? Either get TV tuner in PC or see if i can get one for Xbox Smiley

    120 gig HDD sounds cool Smiley though I'll probably need a bit more with the amount of stuff I download etc.

    Or I'll just get another pc and hook it up to my TV through a converter thingy-bob. Xbox is more likely, though.

    Fav. Game: Gears Of War (and even though I've never played it - Halo 3 is definately going to be a treat).