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    emet wrote:

    Free Software Foundation has an agenda!!!!

    Who would have known?

    I'm sure they keep it really super secret too, not like you kind find anything about it here.

    "Free software is a matter of freedom: people should be free to use software in all the ways that are socially useful. Software differs from material objects—such as chairs, sandwiches, and gasoline—in that it can be copied and changed much more easily. These possibilities make software as useful as it is; we believe software users should be able to make use of them."

    I'm just going to go out on a limb here...

    I'm a VB.NET developer, if I, infact, believed in free software and went in that direction, I would be unemployed, because who wants to pay a guy to write software that won't turn a buck? Well, I guess then I would lose my house, my car, and probably my wife, since she knows me, and realizes, for me to do something that astronomicaly stupid, I would have to be on crack, or in a cult....So then I would become a religous zealot for open source (THIS SHOULD NOT EXIST), because hell, I dedicated my life to it now, I once again live with my parents, and shake my fist at the capitolist pigs that put me here, because if everyone thought like I did, we would all live in a very magical place, where software evolution is driven by desire to improve rather that the almighty dollar.

    Oh wait....wouldn't that make me a communist? I want to live in a Utopia that can never exist. I have such high idealism I'm actually blinded to the downsides of what I'm fighting for. And I think that corporations are, in fact, evil. The worst kind of evil...

    The reason that you fight a losing battle, is simply this....there is always someone out there like me, who wants to be better than you, have more than you, and continue to improve MY quality of life. I don't donate to the Salvation Army, Red Cross, or the Make Sally Struthers Fatter in the Name of Starving Children Fund. I donate money to the Banco del Me. And ya know what, my family loves me for it, because the harder I work, and play ball with a society I can't, and don't want to change, the better their lives are because of it.

    The best part, it's not even a sacrifice, I love what I do, and I love working for a heartless corporation. Why? Because they don't let ridiculous idealism get in the way of progress, progress which gets me a raise, my wife the medical care she needs, and my twelve year old daughter the braces she needs so she won't be chastised later in life for a physical flaw, which is the way it is, period.

    So yes, you are absolutely right, there are heartless, greedy, zealot-loathing people out there, and I am proud to be one of them.



    Side Note: I deeply appologize for jacking you're thread momentarily Blowdart, I mean no disrespect to you in any way.