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View Thread: Question - Will Silverlight come to C9?
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    Re: Will Silverlight come to C9?

    Yes!  The inline player will be replaced with a Silverlight player.  This will allow us to drop encoding streaming mp4's (this is only on Channel 10 right now) so encoding for our videos will take less time.  It will also give Firefox users a consistent experience with IE users.  Same thing for other browsers Silverlight supports.

    Re: What about Linux?

    Unfortunately, Linux will have the same experience it does today on our site.  You must download the appropriate file to watch videos.  However, we will have more formats available than we have today (like MP4).

    Re: What about other features on C9 using Silverlight?

    We currently have no plans for other features on the site using Silverlight.  We have a few ideas, but they have no priority right now.