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View Thread: Question - Will Silverlight come to C9?
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    Dr Herbie wrote:
    blowdart wrote:
    intrepid wrote:

    I love channel 9, and would like to see the site spiffed up with a silverlight overhaul. It would make the whole site so much more engaging and allow for many new features (even if I can't think of one right now...).

    How would bloat and pretty spinners make the site more engaging?

    And the fact that you can't think of new feature is rather telling.

    I have to go with Blowdart with this one:  features first, technology second.


    I go with Herbie and Blowdart to.  Features and Reliability.  As a developer though, I know I can't come up with all the best idea's.  They seem to come from discussions and using something.  It would be nice if Channel 9 had a beta site (Maybe they do and I just wasn't invited - Another conspiricy theory:) that we could go kick the tires on.  Say update it every month or so like CTP's, instead of just dropping the finished product:(