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    First of all, I'm not slating either operating system, just discussing them...
    I don't have vast ammounts of experience with linux, or mac os and so I find myself sticking to windows most of the time. It what I am the most proficient at, and so I can complete tasks in atleast half the time in a windows enviroment. But I do appreciate the differences in the three OS I've listed above.
    One thing that seems to always strike me (in my experience, I could be very wrong) is the elitism coming from Mac and Linux users/administrators/devs (which may, of course be justified) but rarely from windows users/administrators/devs.
    Why do fans of Mac OS and Linux, feel the need to slate competitors such as Microsoft, and always state that they'd be better off with a Mac or Linux system. Yet Windows users rarely do the same, often going about their day using their preferred OS, and leaving others to do the same?
    I could be miles off, and suffering strongly from Naivety here, but I wouldn't mind a bit of healthy discussion on the topic.
    Who agrees / disagrees?