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    windows had 90+ % market share ...there is really no point in talking about them ..linux and macs struggles for the rest of the market ..they have to be very vocal and on your face sometime to be heared and to let new users know about them.

    do you belong to any minority group? do you know how it feels for someone from a majority group to just dismissing you simply because of where you came from, or what you represent? ..i think this is where it is comming from. I use linux full time but i use windows too and thats why i hang out in this side ..i watch each and every technical stuff about microsoft technologies because i enjoy reading anything relating to CS thing that make me feel like defending my system of choice is when someone flat out dismiss it as a piece of crap without even trying it, or use it for half a second and judge the rest of the system based on that.

    i can understand this is a microsoft site and most people here will be upset with all the linux talk in here but well ..people need to hear about it somehow..i use linux too but the ubuntu talking mostly gets to me because they are very vocal sometimes(no dissin intended for all ubuntu fans out there Smiley )

    on macs for example .. very few people use macs ..if anybody brings up macs on a discussion, most likely, that converstation wont go anywhere, most people will just dissmiss them because they either dont care about them or arent interested what do they do ..talking about weaknesses in windows first and compare them with macs ..remember those macs commercial? ..get what i am talking about? talking about macs without mentioning windows to most people will be like talking about &^)&*)%*&^^& from china ..most people wont relate to it.

    windows users, you are the majority, get used to it ..your question is like a white person asking "why can black people call each other niggers and we cant call them that?" .because you just cant Smiley ...