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phreaks wrote:

This is where you and I have differing opinions. I believe the money I earn is mine, you believe it's the governments'.

I believe that most of it is yours, and some of it is ours (societies).  You are welcome to buy/invade your own uninhabited land somewhere, and build your own society where all money earned goes to you   

Would be nice if that’s where most of the money went.
For the US, more than half of the federal budget goes to “entitlement spending.” That’s welfare, social security, Medicare and Medicate. Not to mention the billions handed out in farm subsidies to pay famers not to farm.  Nor the billions of dollars to house, feed, and secure the millions in prison on drug-possession charges. Nor the billions spent going after the gang crime created by said drug laws.
And let’s not forget that the federal government isn’t even supposed to be able levy a direct tax on individuals (It was done with a constitutional amendment and a law that was *supposed* to be temporary during World War II, wonder who forgot to repeal it?).
Well, anyway, the point is the government has way more money than it needs. What it needs to do is cut spending, not raise taxes.