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View Thread: Next version of Windows to be 'fundamentally different'
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    blowdart wrote:
    I'm sure we've heard this before. Oh yes OO file systems. OO desktops. 
    Look what happened last time they tried to do different,

    It would be good if they finished these things too Smiley They just have to find ways to do it. There's nothing fundamentally broken with the concept of WinFS.

    staceyw wrote:
    I don't understand this and think it was taken out of context.  NT runs on 64 cpus today and could run 32 for some time.  I had a 4 way server NT box ~8 years ago.  I don't know anyone that actually buys those massive machines, but it can work.  NT can support multiple cpus and cores, and thousands of threads - that is not the issue.  The issue I think he is talking about is parallel libraries and apis that *easily allow the dev to actually use those cores and threads.  100 seperate user apps could use 1 core each on a 100 cpu machine (for example) and run fine.  The hard part is getting 1 app to leverage the same 100 cores and use them.  Big difference - that is issue.  Personally, I don't think there will be a majic bullet here.  They can make it a ton easier however with tools and libraries.

    I think the solution Microsoft will be looking at is encouraging people to use .NET, and building .net around encouraging parallel computing.

    Encouraging .NET is also a good thing also, for allowing Microsoft to make changes to the system without breaking applications, because of the virtual layer.