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View Thread: Next version of Windows to be 'fundamentally different'
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    stevo_ wrote:
    Personally I don't see it being that different, It's Windows after all.

    Don't mean that in a bad way, I just think Microsoft are scared to do any big changes in Windows, and perhaps rightly so.

    thats the big bad bugaboo.....

    to *REALLY* inovate / create a different OS / get rid of some of the baggage of the legacy (DOS, Win16, COM, OLE, and such)
    we would need a new OS that's clean from the ground up.

    but then you have the "chicken and egg" thing of who goes first....
    of how you move all the users apps and files to this new system, of how you make that move a clean process that does not scare them off.

    this is also one of the things that the Li**** fans miss when they pronounce that version x.y.z of some new release will take over and such...

    10,000,000,000 (or what ever number) of users will tend to stick with what they know, no mater how good "brand X" is *UNLESS* it is just so great that they see a mass move to it by dozens / hundereds of other folks they know / trust.

    and for a business that wants to make money that level of risk is....
    not gonna happen.

    which kinda sucks [C]

    but I understand it Smiley