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View Thread: Anyone know the fate of PDC 07?
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    Sampy wrote:

    Still working on the future of this.

    Don't worry, there are lots of people on DPE (the group the nine team is a part of) who care a lot about making PDC rock the house and they'll be shouting from the rooftops when they have more info to share.

    In a way, rescheduling PDC because all the awesome stuff is getting here soon is a good thing! Real bits beat betas anyday

    I'm already loving Silverlight, Expression Media Encoder, and Blend 2. David Shadle working in Expression Design and exporting to Silverlight XAML is hot.

    Agreed, just wondering if I should hold off submitting my training request. The deadline for 2007 is fast approaching, and I don't want to be shut out. 

    Actually, it is is held next year, I have a better chance of my employer saying yes, so it's not all bad... Smiley