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    Minh wrote:
    DoomBringer wrote:
    I don't know how games would deal with it, but I would guess you could build a strategy to deal with it.  I'm thinking that the majority of item creations are going to be during load sequences, so having a GC run in there wouldn't be so bad.

    Which spawn another question for me. So while a true GC.Collect() is under way, does the entire runtime stop? Are all objects unavailable to the app? What's the refresh scenario in this situation?

    DoomBringer wrote:
    Adding a boolean flag to indicate "ya, srsly" to the GC is kind of silly.  No developer would ever use false, because they'd all think that they knew what they were doing.

    It's not silly. Of course all the devs would pass in true, but in my case it'd be appropriate

    DoomBringer wrote:
    Finally, I just think that if somebody is writing an application that needs ultra-fine-grained control over memory control and demands high performance, then it probably needs to be written in native code.  A business app that pops up a WinForm and queries a few databases isn't going to need to have millisecond precision, after all, but Gears of War will.

    Well, MS is positioning XNA as a viable Xbox Live Arcade framework. It's not Gears of War, but the last thing you want to see a game sputter during mid-play.

    Well, that's another question:

    How's the GC on the Xbox different than the PC one?

    I'm not sure.  The runtime might have to stop a particular thread while things are being cleaned up for that thread, but these are good questions. 

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    Great questions. We'll get some answers from the person who knows best Wink

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    Ion Todirel

    whats next (CLR-GC)??

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    Siyavash wrote:
    hm... I was bored.... so I went to page "1392" and dug up this thread, just for fun. I'm probably the first one doing such a useless thing here.

    Just stop bloody necroing. Its SO not cool.

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    I did notice the other day that this thread and one other that were that had fairly recent last post dates were on the very last page under heaps of older threads (last post date 2004 threads).

    Any reason?

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    SecretSoftware wrote:
    Can a .NET application have a true memory leak as in the C++ sense where we allocate a chunk of memory and throw away the handle/pointer to it?

    Hopefully not in safe code, but there is unsafe.

    SecretSoftware wrote:
    How does Multi-Core processors improve performance of GC Operations? Can parallelism benifit things in GC? [GC Threads].

    I find this fascinating as well. I seem to recall Bertrand Meyer (Eiffel) contemplating a GC "processor".

    ...Bah, moot thread anyway...

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