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View Thread: Good fall conference? now that PDC is delayed..
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    harumscarum wrote:
    jb43081 wrote:
    Randolpho wrote:
    Harlequin wrote:

    I haven't been to the VSLive! in Vegas, but the one in Orlando was pretty good.

    Really? A co-worker of mine went to the Orlando VSLive and described is at "a worthless waste of time and money."

    Actually, PDC being delayed helps me. It was going to be a fight-and-a-half getting it approved this fiscal year since I went to Tech Ed last year. If it happens next year I should be able to get it approved quite easily.

    I went to the one in San Fran a while back and can somewhat agree however the fact that it is in Vegas would make it worthwhile.

    Not for me. I'm from there, so I've pretty much done everything there AT LEAST twice. Tongue Out

    Besides, my parents live there so I could very well go ropped into having to go home and do chores while I was there! :O