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    I am interested in math, music, programming and guitars.  What is interesting is that recent studies show that interest in mathematics is no indication of success in mathematical problem solving.  Not really a surprise to me I suppose because I get stuck thinking about the details of WHY math works more than even how to just know enough to use it to solve problems.  In fact that usually made it hard for me to do exams and solve the tough problems in the time alloted.  However, research also shows that MUSIC and especially learning to PLAY a musical instrument is very much correlated with success in mathematical problem solving.  Get him the best music teachers you can afford, the best instruments, amps, effect, everything and encourage him to practice at LEAST 4 hours a day, more like 12 to 16 hours if he REALLY wants to be a guitarist forever.

    Growing up I was interested in music but somehow thought I could never achieve greatness.  However, music and studying the guitar is one thing that my mind can focus on the WHY as I am doing and feel real results, that and programming I suppose but music is much more immediate in the gratification it provides.  I can practice for 8 hours at a time and it's the greatest thing in the world.  If I had of done that everyday with as much passion as I did other things, I would be a great guitarist.  Let your 11 year old play, but make sure you pour out all the attention he needs to be as great a guitarist as possible.

    I recommend "The Principles of Correct Practice of Guitar" to make sure at 11 he's not learning bad habits ... it's the #1 problem for all aspiring guitarists ... not learning to relax and concentrate on every detail of what you are doing, and try out a FretLight ... I have one I got for teaching and learning new scales very quickly, and The Rosetta Stone of Guitar is the BEST pattern learning system I've found - Google it and teach him to read music of course.

    Show an interest in HIS interests and help him, then maybe he'll believe that you're trying to help his education is really about HIM and not you.  Wink