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    Though I understand your motives, and hold no hostility towards American people, calling, in effect, every other 'eastern country' poor and 'forgotten' was well beyond the mark.

    I live in Australia, and to be frank, we get shafted by Microsoft on things regarding XBox with ETA's in MONTHS beyond the US, it does build a little hostility hearing new announcements from Microsoft.

    We arent even expecting Forza within the next few weeks - yet you guys got it last month... 

    As for the Elite, our EB's dont even beleive we will ever see it!

    The new keypad for Xbox controllers- they just laugh.

    Extra Guitars for GH II - never even hitting the country.

    And in actual Microsoft products like the UMPC (Origami) we just get hype and yet NONE even get in our country for us to buy.

    We are'nt poor over here in Australia, our economy is up there with the US and the currency is equal to the YEN (Japan and of course you times x 100 cause they dont use cents), and yet we pay far more for XBOX gear than you guys ($110AU ie $80US for most games, $699AU or $550US for a System ) - yet we get absolutely shafted on everything.

    Why? Because Microsoft dont care at all about us as our population just doesnt warrant their concern. It does build hostility towards XBOX announcements that only ever eventuate into rubbish ETA's or vapourware for anyone in our country wanting to buy it.

    I think he was getting at the routine of hearing about great stuff from Microsoft that just teases the rest of us!


    However, his lack of english did make his eloquence appear harsher than I think he intended, and I dont defend the interpretation you might have seen.