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Ever Wondered WHO was Sharing Your IP Address

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    a !
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    thanks for bringing digg to C9.


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    Interesting tool.

    I notice that it is fast. And apparently it doesn't work by performing RDNS lookups (because it even contains sites that I've not set up RDNS records), any idea on how could it possibly worked?

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    Have to agree, its really fast and includes domains I even forgot about on my IP!

    As the poster above mentions, it seems to work better than standard reverse dns...

    any idea?

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    Maddus Mattus

    It contains a database with all IP numbers that get synchronized every night with the DNS?

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    Doesn't show any of my sites that are hosted on the same IP..

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    I don't understand what this tool is even suppose to do.  I thought if you where say on a shared dedicated box it would show you other sites on that shared box, but it doesn't do anything but show me my own site... or any other one site I try to look up.

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