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Anything like Terrarium out there?

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    I know its been a while since Terrarium was released and the latest server is only available for the 1.1 framework. Is there anything else like terrarium that happens to work with 2.0 or 3.0? I decided to install the old server and client and they work as long as things are the 1.1 framework. So i was hoping there was something else out there to help with learnign how to program and be fun like terrarium once was.
    Thanks for reading...

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    Not that I know of.

    But you know what I find puzzling? They release the server, but they didn't release the client. What's up with that?

    Maybe because it's full of bugs! Har har!

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    On the server page, they mentioned the source code would be released a few weeks after the exe was released, but they never released the source code. At least if they did as they said, someone else could take the code and continue on with it and maybe make it handle 2.0 and 3.0. but its lost forever i am afraid. It was a good thing...

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    You can try Hoshimi. Instead of bugs you have bots.

    It's an Imagine Cup competition but you can get the SDK from the site and try it.

    If you don't like Hoshimi, you can try one of the games in this list.

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