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Vulnerabilities bite Safari beta

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    Well, I guess that's why they call it a 'beta', but to be fair, no-one else gets a free ride these days. If you release it into the public domain, you're pretty much fair game.

    errata security wrote:

    I'd like to note that we found a totl of 6 bugs in an afternoon, 4 DoS and 2 remote code execution bugs. We have weaponized one of those to be reliable and its diffrent that what Thor has found. I can't speak for anybody else but the bugs found in the beta copy of Safari on Windows work on the production copy on OSX as well (same code base for alot of stuff). The exploit is robust mostly thanks to the lack of any kind of adanced security features in OSX, I write about it here.


    But if you think that you may have heard from this chap before, then you'd be right.

    errata security wrote:

    I've been asked what our disclosure policy is. Its pretty simple, in most cases we will give vendors as long as they need to fix problems. If the vendor is unresponsive or make threats, we will give them 30 days then release details. If a vendor answers a vulnerability disclosure with marketing and spin attempts, we no longer report vulnerabilities to that vendor but the information goes into our Hacker Eye View program for customers and will be used in pentesting. We do not sell the vulnerabilities to any 3rd party.

    This is the same chap who got into a tussle with Apple over the WiFi security issue a while back. I think Apple is going to be hearing a lot from him in the near future ... but not directly it seems.

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