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Most Annoying Application Bug Ever--Your Candidates  Please!

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    Users encounter software bugs everyday.

    Some you ignore, others waste your time and drive you nuts.

    Just encountered one of the most annoying bugs, that is wasting my time, driving me nuts, and most likely million of users as well.

    Naturally, I Googled the bug and apparently, others are encountering the problem as well.

    Sometimes the suggested procedure around the problem works.

    Othertimes, it does not.

    Well  my nomination for the most annoying bug ever is in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and involves the cropping tool:

    Been using the tool for hours, then suddenly instead of the cropping tool working, it shows the hand tool cursor.

    After fooling with it, it suddenly starts working again.

    I have been using Photoshop for years and this really takes the prize.

    Your candidates please!



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    CAD Program from a few years back. If you changed the text height, it changed one of the other parameters to 0, then tried to divide by it when you entered new text. You could work around the inevitable crash by watching that other parameter very closely and changing it back manually when needed.

    Well, I found it annoying at the time Smiley

    But my most recent most annoying bug ever would have to be whatever it was that was causing (still causes?) Microsoft Update to peg the CPU the past few months.

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    1)  Visual Source Safe  -- cancel an operation and, most often, lose work.

    2)  Web data entry forms that forget my work if I hit the wrong key (wait that's just like this window!). Smart Clients rule.

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    The date tooltip for the XP taskbar clock getting stuck behind the taskbar. Especially when you are not an Administrator and so cannot just double-click the clock to see the calendar control because of a lack of permissions.
    Its been a well known problem through multiple releases of Windows, but no less annoying when it happens.

    The list multiple selection model on the Mac. Just dumb.
    You hold down shift, press down, to select multiple item, but if you go one too far, and press up, it doesn't deselect the bottom item you just selected, instead it selects the item above the initial selection. Is there anyone who ever actually wanted that behaviour?

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    The fact that Windows Calendar is unable to remind me of an appointment unless it is actually running is a pretty annoying bug for me right now.

    Especially after having installed a hotfix that only removed the "Windows Calendar has encountered an error" message, rather than fix the problem.

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    raymond wrote:
    Your candidates please!

    The bug in C9's codebase that allows you to keep posting


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    W3bbo wrote:
    raymond wrote:
    Your candidates please!

    The bug in C9's codebase that allows you to keep posting


    How on earth did I just know you were going to say that?

    If Blackberrys are addictive cellphones, Channel9 is the ultimate addictive website.
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    The EVE editor for vms.

    That's not a bug I know, but I friggin' hate that program.

    Other than that it's the bug in Outlook 2003 that seems to prevent it caching e-mails for offline use when using roaming profiles. (Although it appears to be working for now...) It wouldn't matter except for the fact that WDS only looks at the local cache.

    The problem with annoying bugs as a category is that you tend to get annoyed by bugs that aren't serious enough for you to abandon the program altogether. I guess we'll just see how low everyone's pain threshold is for bugs then...

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    Oh! I've thought of a new one. OneCare insisting on telling you every time the Firewall status changes (and the status changing a couple of times every time you turn on and connect to a network.)

    I don't care if the firewall's been set to "Automatic" because you've realised the network is secure, just let me turn the damn notification off.

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