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TrustedInstaller.exe f*cking up Geometry Wars

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    I'm playing my daily game of Geometry Wars on Vista and every time TrustedInstaller.exe starts running and takes up all my cpu resources. Because TrustedInstaller is running as the same priority level my game slows down and sometimes completely freezes.

    The description of the exe says it's for installing Windows components and stuff but why does it start running when I'm playing this game? There are no patches being installed, no other background applications or the sidebar are active.

    For now I solved it by changing the priority of the exe. Shutting it down doesn't work.

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    A few minutes after the DAMN TrustedInstaller.exe hogs up my system resources, Windows Update informs me of updates available and then the .exe stops its work. So i would say it is nothing but Windows Installer checking your system for new drivers or patches available. So jsut disable Windows Update if the problem persists.

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    Out of curiosity, did you buy the "Vista exclusive" Geometry Wars through MSN Games or are you playing the Steam version of Geometry Wars. I'm fairly certain they're both the same, except that the Steam version officially supports XP. I just hadn't heard of TrustedInstaller.exe before (I have the Steam version).

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    It's the msn version. You don't have to buy it, the trial system doesn't work on Vista which means that every msn game is practically free.

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