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Things I didn't want to see today

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    So after spending a good six hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. (Using prcs instead of sprcs of course... Which differ in some perculiar way I don't understand.)

    I finally wrestle with the version control system until I eventually can attempt to merge my code and the changes which someone has made without my knowledge on the branch I thought I was exclusively working on (sigh). And I get this...

    sprcs: Choose an action on file `source/q4v/q4v06.cpp' for rule 2: All three files exist and are different in each version.
    Please select(dnmrhvq!?)[m]

    I'm assuming d, n, m, r, h, v and q are all options, and that the programmer didn't just have a fit at the keyboard... So that leaves the question of what each of them are, and what I'm supposed to say... I think I'll hazard a guess that q is quit.

    Where's the (r)un for the hills option? That's what I want to know.

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    Please select(dnmrhvq!?)[m]

    Reminds me of that search SpectateSwamp did....Perplexed

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    Careful - if you say his name three times he appears.

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    What version control system do you use?  I'd like to avoid it.
    I use SourceGear Fortress now.

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    SourceGear Vault is what we run. I love it. I want to say that I love it much more than Perforce, which I used to admin years ago. But I do not know how well Perforce operates with Visual Studio as an IDE plugin now. That is one of my favorite features of Vault.

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    Here were my guesses:

    [m] means m is the default.
    ? is a command to list a brief explanation of what the options are.

    Googling "dnmrhvq" verified my guesses!


    Please select(dnmrhvq!?)[m] ?
    prcs: Valid options are:
    prcs: d -- Delete working file.
    prcs: n -- Do nothing.
    prcs: m -- Merge selected and working file.
    prcs: r -- Replace working file with selected file.
    prcs: h -- Explain this condition.
    prcs: v -- View diffs.
    prcs: q -- Fail and abort PRCS.
    prcs: ! -- Take the default and do not offer this query again.

    Sometimes you wonder why they even bother listing the commands.  It's totally cryptic for the newbie and the occasional user. I suppose that it's just enough of a memory hint for a power user to figure out what to do.  Having anything other than the prompt is just noise to an expert user.

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    Yeah, I found that not the best help system though.

    Selecting V is good because you then get a whole bunch of other options.

    It's calld PRCS the version control, and should probably be avoided, I can find nothing to recommend it.

    After all that it would appear that someone has finished my job for me while I was on holiday and not told me, so my last two days have been comletely wasted.

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