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Vista configuration tips?

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    Ok, so I have a few annoyances with Visat and am hoping others have can help me out dealing with them.

    1) Is there a way to configure SuperFetch?

    I ask because I think something is strange, when I am downloading big files, my pc begins to run very slow.

    Like right now, The Adobe Acrobat Update Manager is downloading updates, and even scrolling an IE window becomes 'choppy'.

    Same thing happens when Windows Update is running.

    I have 1.5 Gb PC 3200 DDR (400 Mhz), so why does it act like this when I download? It also happens when I am downloading large files from IE.

    2) Sometimes when I install a new program, it installs successfully, but no entry gets created in my 'All Programs' list on the start menu. So I have to navigate to the executable in 'Program Files' and start it that way.

    This happened to me twice, with acrobat and with UltraEdit, and I installed both of them from a network share.

    3) I disabled automatic updates. Now everytime I reboot (and sometimes just randomly) I receive a taskbar notification stating that some start-up items are disabled.
    Well,I know they're disabled, I disabled them! Is there a way to turn these notifications off?

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